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SKU: XTRM SNFFR 2.0 Double Large

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XTRM SNFFR 2.0 Double Large
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  • SKU: 22692M XTRM SNFFR 2.0 Double Large

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The XTRM® SNFFR® was design by XTRM in 2019 and they produce them themselves in Austria. This guarantees consistent quality.

With the double “two-noses" the circulation is fantastic and ingenious, the aroma is even more intense, finer.

Benefits of the SNIFFER:

  • no skin contact with the aroma
  • no skin irritation or redness on the nose or skin
  • 3 phase system the term "sniffing" gets a whole new dimension!

The perfectly developed channel system gives the aroma a dreamlike circulation and the effect is massively reinforced / the kick is guaranteed. An unprecedented and significantly improved handling and effect of your favorite Head Cleaner / Brown Bottle.

Bottle not included


1: Small fit the small bottles and large US bottles
2: Large for all large bottles (From the EU or Large Mouth USA bottles)
  • Large size fits 19.5mm bottle tops

Care Instructions

Our inhaler doesn't like sun, heat, cold, detergents. Otherwise, you can do anything with them.

Please do not leave the sniffer permanently on the bottle because it does not prevent evaporation.

Safety note: approach carefully. Do not tilt the bottle, the SNFFR by XTRM are not leak-proof.

The SNFFR® does not need to be washed or exposed to excessive heat.