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SKU: 23282 Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode With Diamond Plug

Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode With Diamond Plug
Purchase Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode With Diamond Plug
  • SKU: 23282 Sound Clamping Monopole Glans Electrode With Diamond Plug

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This item includes the Diamond Penis Plug

Not for the faint-hearted, but oh, so much fun. This monopole electrode addresses one of the biggest problems when using e-stim sounds for urethral play. How do you keep it in place?

No one wants an electro sound to fall out or go deeper than you had planned, so here is a solution. This holder allows you to secure your sound in place, and the best bit is that it is also an electrode itself, so that opens up all sorts of possibilities in how you play.

Supplied with two black nitrile o-rings to fit onto the Diamond Plug Sound to ensure a snug fit in the holder.

The main parts of this electrode are made from ABS (think Lego plastic), it's hard-wearing, non-porous and doesn't need painting or any other finish. If you prefer the best, then this is the version for you. They will be available in very limited quantities, so grab one while you can.

The lower ring has a length of high-quality 6mm CR running through it, and this CR is in direct contact with the 4mm CR holding the cap in place. This turns the whole thing into a cage-style monopole electrode with lots of surface area (always a good idea to prevent hot spots).

The 4mm CR is easy to adjust and allows accurate positioning of the cap over your urethra. Once tightened, it is secured by two 4mm cord locks (not shown) to lock it in place.

The design of the lower ring allows you to use an elastic band if you want to apply more pressure, and this can help keep things snug if you are a grower and shrinker as you stim.

The Diamond Plug is held securely in place by the cap.

It will be dispatched with the conductive rubber tubing already fitted.

This electrode takes 2mm TENS style plugs. The Diamond Plug takes 4mm plugs, so the Bi-Cable is the ideal solution for hooking this electrode combination up to your control box.


  • 26mm/1" Inside Diameter (at the inside edge of the conductive rubber).

Care Instructions


This product is 3D printed in ABS, a very strong plastic with excellent mechanical properties. Once printed I post-process the components using a procedure called vapour smoothing. This uses Acetone vapour to melt and smooth the surface of the prints turning them from rough prints into smooth, shiny prints that are non-porous.

Porosity is one drawback of the 3D printing process as it leaves microscopic holes in the surface of prints that are perfect for bacteria to grow in and hard to clean. Vapour smoothing prints seals these tiny holes and imperfections, leaving the products smooth and sealed.

This is important as it makes cleaning post-play so much easier.

Product Care

After play, simply wash in warm soapy water. Anti-bacterial soap is best. Once body fluids have been washed off, allow the electrode to dry thoroughly before you store it away for later use.

A deep clean can be carried out using Isopropyl Alcohol, and this will kill bacteria and remove body oils.

Never use silicone-based lubes with conductive rubber-based electrodes as the silicone will bond to the conductive rubber, effectively destroying it and insulating it.