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SKU: Smart Rosebud Pump Kit

Smart Rosebud Pump Kit
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  • SKU: 23435 Smart Rosebud Pump Kit

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Indulge in a world of heightened pleasure with our Rosebud Pumping Cylinder kit, an advanced addition to your anal pumping exploration. This high-quality set features a Smart Pump a rosebud cylinder with a silicone seal and three interchangeable silicone pump rods to help you achieve that perfect rosebud.


The Smart LCD Rosebud Pump Kit can be operated in a Manual Mode, or Smart Mode. Smart Mode enables you to record the desired vacuum level you want and then utilize that record for up to twenty minutes at a time! The Smart Mode will set and hold a desired vacuum level then release it in one of 6 cycles you can choose. The Smart LCD Pump's operation is very quiet, is rechargeable via a USB cable, and is easy to disassemble for cleaning.

You can use the Smart LCD Pump with Cylinders and Cups equipped with Quick-Disconnect connections.

MANUAL Operation:
Hold the Power Button for 3 seconds to turn on the device. Once on, click the power button a second time to start the vacuum. When the desired vacuum level is reached, press again to stop pumping. Click or hold the Vacuum Release Button to release vacuum if it becomes uncomfortable! Hold the release button to release the vacuum completely. Using these buttons to manually control the vacuum, follow your desired routine for up to twenty (20) minutes.

SMART Operation:
The desired vacuum level must be set (in Manual Mode) before entering Smart Mode. Hold the Smart Button (4) for three seconds to record the vacuum level. The "heart" icon will appear. Click the Smart Button again to cycle through the 6 Smart Modes. In Modes 1-5, the pump will hold and release the vacuum automatically to a preset level, in a cycle for twenty minutes. In Mode 6 the Pump will use your desired level. You can exit Smart Mode at any time by pressing the Power or Release buttons at any time.

Care Instructions

The controller handle and hose can be disassembled for the ease of cleaning. Separate the hose from the pump with a twisting motion.
Always use a water-based lubricant with this product. DO NOT use silicone. Never immerse the handle in water. (Material: ABS, silicone, premium-grade acrylics.)

How To Use


  • Input: 5V 500mA using a USB-C cord (included.)
  • Use time: Up to 50 times or approx. 120 minutes with full charge (the pump is delivered with 50% charge)
  • Charging time: up to 1 hour at 5V 500mA
LED light flashes while charging, and glows solid when fully charged.