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SKU: 21840 MOTOVibe NutSack by Sport Fucker™

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MOTOVibe NutSack by Sport Fucker™
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  • SKU: 21840 MOTOVibe NutSack by Sport Fucker™

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Why ask them to cradle your balls when you can do it yourself? This beauty starts with a super soft liquid silicone cup to house "the boys" and is held in place with a stretchy 1.25" diameter cockring. With just a couple clicks on the wireless remote control, the rechargeable NutSack (USB charging cable included) shivers into action creating stimulating vibrations right where they count. Choose your favorite from the 10 pre-programmed vibe modes and sit back and relax.


  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 10 powerful vibration modes
  • Battery life: 220mAH
  • Charge Time: 90 minutes
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Material: Medical silicone & ABS
  • Measurements: 101 x 85 x 72mm

Care Instructions

  • Wash before and after each use
  • Store separately from other similar materials, away from heat and sunlight
  • Pat dry with a soft cotton towel and allow to air dry completely before storing
  • Safe with all lubricants, use with Sport Fucker lubricants for enhanced pleasure

How To Use

Make sure your Ball Sack is charged first.

Attach the included magnetic USB charger into the charge area located right under the power button, then plug the USB into a power source. The Power button will start to blink with a light indicating that the device is now charging. When the light stops blinking and is solid then you will know that your device is charged and ready for use. You can now detach the magnetic cable from the device.

Firmly press and hold the power button on the device until you feel the vibrations start. Once you feel the vibrations you can release pressure from the power button. You are now free to cycle through the 10 specially designed vibe modes by lightly pressing the power button on the device or the included remote control each time. When you get to the last vibe mode you will be redirected back to the first vibe mode for easy use.

When you want to turn off the vibe mode, all you need to do is firmly press and hold the power button on the remote or the device until the vibrations stop. Once the vibrations stop the device is now turned off.