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Max Fuel
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  • SKU: 21152M Max Fuel

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Power up with Max Fuel, a dick drink that will keep you firing on all cylinders! This quick acting, maximum strength potable comes in a variety of flavors and the results can last up to 3 days. There are 3 doses in each bottle. Got a hot quickie coming over? Take one dose and enjoy the encounter. Going away for a long weekend of debauchery? Guzzle the whole bottle and every hole is a goal!

As with all products of this nature, do not ingest if you are taking nitrates or other blood pressure medications.

Looking for caffine and sugar free? Choose either the mango/pineapple or watermelon flavors.

Active Ingredients include: carthamus, cinnamon bark, ginkgo biloba, red berried weeds, rehmannia, caffeine (not included in mango/pineapple or watermelon versions) terrestris extract, wild yam extract. Other ingredients include: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, gelatin, glycerin.