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SKU: 23600 E-Stim Medium Tripple Electrode

E-Stim Medium Tripple Electrode
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  • SKU: 23600 E-Stim Medium Tripple Electrode

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When 90% of electrodes on the market are dual contact designs you need to come up with something a little different. With 20 years of experience hours of play and a very active imagination, E-Stim believes they have come up with something that is most certainly different, and takes e-stim to the next level.

New Design
If two contact BiPolar Electrodes generate so much pleasure, just think what could happen if E-Stim offered you something more. So they did.

Lovers of E-Stim meet the Medium Tripple!

The overall design has changed from the classic electrodes with a more pronounced neck section giving better retention but they have still retained the exclusive satin finish.


Lifetime Guarantee
Like all of ther E-Stim premium electrodes, they are covered by the exclusive lifetime guarantee.

Multiple options
Obviously the Medium Tripple was created with the TriPhase cable in mind, but you can still use them with a single or dual channel unit, and standard 4mm cables, you just have more choice and more options compared to a BiPolar Electrode.

Using just a single channel you have several contact options Top/Base, Top/Mid, and Mid/Base, and of course if you are using an E-Stim Systems power unit with asymmetrical outputs swapping the leads can result in a different sensation.

The base of the Medium Tripple is marked with dots to indicate which 4mm socket connects to what contact, so it is easy to work out.

Multiple ideas

*colours indicate contact options, not the colour of the electrode

Use Base/Mid for a similar feel to our standard bipolar electrodes. Base/head for a wide experience over a larger stead, mid to head for that deeper feeling.
If you don’t want to try the TriPhase cable but want cock AND an insertable (prostate play???) then why not try base/mid on one channel, and then the Tripple head to cock ring or loop on the other - just experiment to find out what works for you.


Name Medium Tripple
Tripolar Insertable
Overall Length
125mm (4.9")
Insertable Length
87mm (3.4")
50mm (2")
.50kg (1.10lb)
3 x 4mm sockets in base

Care Instructions

  • The Tripple can also be taken apart for cleaning. Please do not use caustic cleaning substances for cleaning as this may discolor the electrode.
  • Download Product Manual

How To Use