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SKU: Donut Ball Stretcher

Donut Ball Stretcher
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  • SKU: 22763M Donut Ball Stretcher

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The Donut Ballstretcher in heavy stainless steel. The ballstretcher is made of high quality stainless steel with a "donut" shape to stretch your "Ballsack".

Dimensions: height 40 mm, internal diameter 35 mm
Weight 600 grams

This makes your balls feel nice and sensitive, rocking your testicles back and forth provides a wonderful sensation,
prolonged / frequent use of ballstretchers develops the scrotal sac.

The ballstretcher consists of two halved pieces that open and close with the Allen key included.
The seam between the two halves is neatly finished to protect your scrotum when wearing it.

The internal diameter of the Black Label ballstretchers is an ideal average of 35 mm; not too small for it to pinch and not too big for it to slide off the scrotum.

Available in two different heights and weights:
  • Height 30 mm = 305 grams
  • Height 40 mm = 435 grams