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SKU: Sport Fucker Lubricant CUM 100ml

Sport Fucker Lubricant CUM 100ml
Purchase Sport Fucker Lubricant CUM 100ml
  • SKU: 14617 Sport Fucker Lubricant CUM 100ml

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This ultra-high quality lube is made in the EU under its strict guidelines and standards. Our Sport Fucker Cum Lube offers the best of both worlds. It’s easy to wash off like water based lube, and it lasts long like silicone lube. The thick, milky-white consistency looks identical to real cum! Try flicking a wad across your chest and see just how real this cum lube looks. Most lubes just concentrate on the feel, but this lube visually gives you the excitement of plowing a cum-dripping hole, with all the safety of a condom safe hook-up!

We are offering this lube in two sizes: 245 ml and 100 ml. The 100 ml complies with TSA guidelines for acceptable carry-on liquid volumes. Buy both sizes and safe three bucks