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SKU: E-Stim Systems 2B with Upgraded Accessory Pack

E-Stim Systems 2B with Upgraded Accessory Pack
Purchase E-Stim Systems 2B with Upgraded Accessory Pack
  • SKU: 19762 E-Stim Systems 2B with Upgraded Accessory Pack

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The essence of successful electro stimulation is a good power unit. The 2B is the upgradeable, top of the range dual channel unit. With more power than ever before and 17 modes to control it all, as well as the included digital PC interface (PC and Mac compatible) and of course internet access via Commander, it is simply unbeatable.

This bundle includes the Upgraded Accessory Pack:
  • Universal Voltage Mains Power Supply with mains adaptors for US, Australia, EU and UK
  • USB 2B Digital Link Interface, with UpLink and Commander supplied on a USB Stick
  • 2 x 4mm Cables


Display & Control
The clear backlit LCD display on the 2B shows you exactly what your unit is up to all of the time, with an enhanced user friendly display and control system making it easy to use and giving you even more control. There is no need to learn any funny codes or count flashes. A built in help display guides you through mode selection, whilst the back light options allow visibility in the darkest dungeon or play space.. Changing mode is simple - A couple of quick button presses and the twiddle of a knob to choose 1 of 17 modes. It's simple. It works.

Program Modes
The 2B has 17 fully adjustable program modes. Split modes, tickle, and programmed wave functions all pack the 2B with hours of e-stim pleasure - and since the 2B is upgradeable, you can add new modes and functions when they are released.

Internet Control
The 2B is fitted with the hardware for a optional Digital PC link (included with this bundle), which allows you to control your 2B directly from your Windows PC or Mac via a USB connection; and the free Commander software also offers computer to computer control over the internet.

Dual Isolated Channels
The 2B features two completely isolated output channels, with independent controls on each channel. This allows you to use multiple bipolar electrodes at the same time, and be able to control them both, independently. The output LED's light up in proportion to the output levels so its possible to see what's going on without consulting the main display. With the join mode it is possible to join both channels together giving safety and control in one.

More Powerful Than Ever
The 2B can be powered via single 9V battery, or an optional universal mains adaptor (included with this bundle) - the choice is yours. With dual power settings so you can run in low or high power, and each power setting is controllable from 0 to 100% in 1% increments. Low power gives an excellent introduction to E-Stim whilst the high power setting offers really serious levels of output designed to satisfy the most ardent electrosex player, without causing too much pain! If the standard high power mode is not enough then you can connect the optional universal mains power adaptor (110V/220V, included with this bundle) giving you around a 30% increase in power output as well as longer play times.

Audio System
The 2B is fitted with an adjustable sensitivity built in microphone (no external microphone to break off or lose) and the 2B also offers true stereo processing, via a 3.5mm stereo input. Designed to plug into the headphone socket of an MP3 or CD player using the supplied cable, each audio channel is translated to a powerful controlled pulsing output. As an additional control, it is possible to adjust the whole response of the audio processing system providing a unique insight to stereo based E-Stim. Unlike other audio triggered stim units the 2B is designed to use normal audio sources as well more specialized E-Stim audio tracks, a number of which are supplied on an audio CD, and more can be downloaded found on the internet.

With output channel isolation, built in power limiting and soft start controls (they always start at zero whenever you change a mode or switch the unit on) together with a design ethos that stresses safety at every stage, the 2B has been designed to be compliant with all of the major US, UK and European safety standards and carries a CE mark.

Lightweight and Portable
The 2B is the same size as our Series 1 and ABox. Slip it into a play bag, it's all you need for electro pleasure and torment.