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SKU: British Cock Cage

British Cock Cage
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  • SKU: 610 British Cock Cage

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The innovative dual-strap design of this cock-ring sets it apart from the rest. The primary strap serves as an adjustable cock-ring, allowing you to tailor the level of constriction to your preference. Simultaneously, the secondary strap functions as a ball separator, introducing an extra layer of sensory stimulation and heightened pleasure.

The adjustable nature of both straps allows for a personalized experience that accommodates different sizes and sensations. Whether you're seeking a gentle constriction or an intensified encounter, the British Cock Cage empowers you to curate your journey of pleasure.


  • engineered to gently restrict blood flow, potentially leading to longer-lasting and more satisfying experiences

Care Instructions

  • Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it air-dry before storage.