Tarantula Pinchers

Tarantula Pinchers

Product Details

Most times a buildup of light to firm nipple play is very enjoyable for both parties during a scene. However, there are those cocky alpha men and boys who ONLY submit through direct and sadistic abuse. These Tarantula Pinchers will immediately turn any man into a whimpering boy right on contact. Based after a jeweler’s tool used to pick up gems, these nasty fuckers give absolutely no mercy. The more pressure you let off of the plunger, the more pain the sub feels. Let go completely and the pain skyrockets. Sit back and watch your whimpering boy struggle with an unbelievable rush within his newly-experienced level of pain. Or, attach a weight to the chain and enjoy the sound real tears!

These are extreme nipple clamps meant only for experienced and tough subs.

Product Dimensions

  • Length 2.8"
  • Chain 12"