Spectra Electrode Gel Salt Free 250ml

Spectra Electrode Gel Salt Free 250ml

Product Details

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel is a conductive gel used for all electro-medical procedures except for defibrillation. The Spectra 360 electrically conductive gel is designed to work with rubber-carbon electrodes. This conductivity gel works with ECG monitors, Tens units, hospital monitoring equipment, medical equipment and pediatric monitors. Spectra 360 is manufactured by Parker Labs. This electrode gel is chloride-free and has no sodium ion transfer, making it suitable for long-term applications. Non-gritty formula allows prolonged use. Non-irritating gel. Hypoallergenic Bacteriostatic Salt-free.

  • 8.50oz or 250ml
  • Sodium free lubricant
  • Electro Unit Not Included