Mind Fuck Blindfold / Goggles

Mind Fuck Blindfold / Goggles

Product Details

This awesome blindfold features an ever-changing multi-color light scheme. Have the coolest blindfold in the world! You really need to see it to believe it, this is a psychedelic lightshow on your head! The lights slowly turn from red to blue to green and all the colors in between. Each light runs on 2 CR927 lithium watch batteries.

Not only will you see a light show on the outside, the wearer also sees the lightshow inside the blindfold. We've specially designed this blindfold to light up inside the goggles to create a meditative effect for the wearer, all other light is completely blocked out.

  • One size fits all
  • We include three free sets of batteries
  • Each set runs for 10 continuous hours
  • Features a unique double head strap design
  • Adjustable head strap goes on and stays on!