K-Lube Powder

K-Lube Powder

Product Details

For those of you who've experienced M&K Lube Products while fucking your way across the globe, you know the frustration when looking to purchase them when back here in the USA. Well search no further, 665 is committed to bringing you the best in male fetish products, no matter how hard we must work to source them.

The K-Lube Powder is a super concentrated, extra-slick, ready-to-mix anal lube. Take your fucking to the next level with this hard to find K-Lube Powder by M&K!

Please note, M&K is the only water-based lube that our 665 boys recommend for anal sex. Yep, it's that great and unique of a lube!

Product Features

  • Condom Safe
  • Latex Safe

Product Dimensions

  • 200g or 7oz of product

Product Instructions How to Use

  • Suggested mix is 2 Teaspoons per .5 liter (0.14 Gallons). You may mix more or less powder for your desired consistency