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SKU: Midass Touch by Hankey's Toys

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Midass Touch by Hankey's Toys
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  • SKU: 21313M Midass Touch by Hankey's Toys

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 The Midass Touch is a truly unique toy, casted from a real human finger and scaled up to gigantic proportions; playing with this monster digit is sure to be a finger-blast! Go ahead, pull my finger...out, and then push it back in - all the way up past each lovely, knobby knuckle. The Midass Touch will put your proctologist to shame, this is how a REAL exam should be performed, let Dr. Midass show you the way. Got an itch you just can't seem to reach? Let the Midass Touch help you with that scratch! Take home the Midass Touch today and work that finger to the bone...just don't point your finger at us, we warned you this would be a wild ride!


Color/Firmness: 75% soft Natural Tan
Attachment Hole: Vac-U-Hole



Circumference near first knuckle: 6.50"

Circumference near second knuckle: 7.90"

Circumference near base: 9.25"

Overall length: 13.30"

Insertable length: 11.80"

Texture: Realistic skin detail


Circumference near first knuckle: 7.50"

Circumference near second knuckle: 9.30"

Circumference near base: 10.90"

Overall length: 15.13"

Insertable length: 13.90"

Texture: Realistic skin detail