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SKU: Super Hellcat by Style Fetish

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Super Hellcat by Style Fetish
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  • SKU: 20301 Super Hellcat by Style Fetish

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German Engineering-German Manufacturing-German Quality.

The new Super Hellcat by Style Fetish is a must have versatile playroom furniture piece.


We at 665 have put together a deluxe version here that includes a lot of the upgraded features:
  • Black Finish
  • Professional Fuck machine
  • Removable Gyno Table
  • Adjustable restraints
  • Padded head and face support
  • Aircraft Straps
The current upgrade of the Super-Hellcat brings with its predecessor a significant weight reduction, so the weight could be reduced by 25%. Style Fetish has adapted the frame shape of this piece of furniture so that a more flexible position can be taken than in the classic models. The legs are stored lower than the arms, which increases the possibilities of this Super-Hellcat to a maximum.

The new super Hellcat includes all the basic features of the classic Hellcat, but with some interesting new features over the standard version.

  • By sinking the castors in the frame is the frame construction, the Super-hellcat is 6cm lower than the standard version, so even more adaptable in a lower area
  • The facelift of the side parts gives the new Hellcat an incredible look.
  • All clamp connections are on corner, no more pure surface pressures, minimizing movements in adjustable parts to a minimum.
  • Comfortable locking pin adjustments of the extendable feet as well as arm and leg rest
  • High quality adjustment elements in all-metal design, carefully powder-coated.
  • Pull-out protection on the extension feet prevents inadvertent, complete pulling out.

Ordering Instructions

  • Price includes curbside delivery ($1,400.00 VALUE) in continental North America.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for the production of your order.
  • We have added what we think are the most popular features to this item already. If you would like to order a different configuration please contact us directly.
  • All special Style Fetish orders are non refundable.