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SKU: FFäusten Scent Proof Bag

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FFäusten Scent Proof Bag
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  • SKU: 22368 FFäusten Scent Proof Bag

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Why make this: Like many of you pigs, we use "video head cleaner" when we play. Unfortunately, that odor ends up leaking and going stale when we store the bottles in our Go bags. We have tried wrapping them in paper towels to protect them, then placing in 2-3 sealed plastic bags to prevent the stale odor from destroying yet another Go bag. Seemed like a lot and honestly, didn't always work. So, FFäusten being innovated using science created The Smell Proof Bag - The SP Bag for short.

What it is: This awesome padded bag is composed of 5 layers and uses active carbon to suppress that "video head cleaner" smell and helps prevent your Go bag from getting ruined. Inside there are 4 mesh pockets to hold bottles of varying shapes (rectangular and round) and sizes (large and small). The SP bag is made of Water-Resistant Polyester and Vegan Leather with the FFäusten chevron logo located on the lower left front.

The SP Bag measures: 5"x7" (12.5cmx18cm)

How to reactivate the carbon:
Step 1: Make sure you empty all your items out of the SP Bag.
Step 2: Turn your bag inside out to expose the netting and carbon.
Step 3: You can use any hair blow dryer or throw it in a dryer with the heat set on either to “Low” and heat up your SP bag for about 5-10 minutes. Make sure you heat up the bag by doing a paintbrush motion with the hairdryer or tumble drying in the dryer.
Step 4: After low heat is applied for the time recommended, you can now turn your SP bag inside out once more, to the original side and that’s it! Your carbon layer is now reactivated and ready to help keep your Go Bag smell free.

Note: Xtreme Sniffers not included