Tug The Plug Asslock


Normally: $32.00

Tug The Plug Asslock

Product Details

If you’ve never tried an ass-lock, you need to experience it. This is a great, basic, one to start with. The Tug The Plug has a familiar butt-plug shape with a comfortable resting place for your sphincter. It then has a stretchy piece of rubber that hugs up against the space under your hole and behind your balls. The ring on the other end encases around your cock and balls to lock it all in place. Try fucking with this thing on! The secret to this toy is its triple combination. The triple combination consists of a thick cocking to squeeze and push your junk forward, a butt plug locked tightly in place and the connection piece putting pressure on your oh-so-sensitive space between the balls and hole. The orgasms are amazing! Also try putting this on a boy as you edge him. They will scream when they orgasm if you decide to let them cum!