Troll in the Hole


Normally: $98.00

Troll in the Hole

Product Details

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a garden gnome up your ass? Well now is your chance! Made by Domestic Partner in Belgium, this statue depicts a very real looking garden gnome. This toy in constructed in such a way that lets you use the smooth-tapered hat to ease you into the play session. Then, once your hole is ready for something a little more intense, you may start to bear-down and wiggle to accommodate the head. His bulbous nose will be an indicator to you of just how far you have pushed him in. If you really want the full feeling, work him all the way up your ass until his flange-like feet are the only thing sticking out and you are walking around with him in your ass like a butt plug.

Product Features

  • Made in Belgium

Product Dimensions

  • 34cm Tall
  • 7cm all the way to 11cm wide