The Tyrant

The Tyrant

Product Details

The Tyrant is made from stainless steel and super silky silicone. Take your time and slide the flexible sound down your shaft. Once it’s all in, slip the gland ring over your head to secure it in place. The great thing about this plug is that since it secures itself to your head, you can pull up your jock and jeans and head out to a local bar to enjoy your sounding sensations outside of the bedroom. Don’t try to piss with this Tyrant since you won’t be able to; and don’t even think about cuming while it’s in.

Product Dimensions

  • Length 3.15 in. or 80mm
  • Diameter .3 in. or 8mm
  • Gland ring 1.1 in. or 28mm

Product Instructions How to Use

Make sure to only use Surgilube with this toy.