Tadpole Flexi Egg Probe


Normally: $128.95

Tadpole Flexi Egg Probe

Product Details

You will love the erotic potential of this curvy bi-polar electrode. The flexible form provides targeted stimulation that makes Tadpole an expert prostate stimulator.

Experience the unique sensations of electrosex contractions as your pelvic floor responds to the tingling stimulation, making your pelvic floor clench and relax in time with the stimulation beat. A flexible cord allows you to wear Tadpole as you move around, making it a great substitute for jiggle balls and vibrating love eggs.

With this bi-polar probe you don’t need to connect any further electrodes to complete a circuit. Apply some lubricant to assist insertion and use the flexible tail to thrust and twist tadpole for added stimulation during play. A 3.75-inch circumference and 2-inch length make it the ideal size for internal stimulation while the 5.5-inch insulated tail ensures safety during anal play.

Product Features

  • Bi-polar for internal stimulation - takes 2x 2mm pin connectors. 1 Tadpole Electro Egg Probe is included in each pack.
  • You will need to connect Tadpole to an ElectraStim stimulator to feel the sensations described.
  • Egg: Marine-grade aluminium contacts with an acrylic isolator strip.
  • Tail: Silicone

Product Dimensions

  • Egg: 2 inches long x 3.75 inches in circumference. Tail: 5.5 inches (150mm insertable x 30mm diameter)