Super Soft Dong

Super Soft Dong

Product Details

At times, a very dense dildo can be a highly desired trait when choosing an Insertable to stick up your hole. However, when you are looking for something more similar to the density of the real thing, you are often not left with many options. Well it's time to outfit your toy chest with one of the softest most flexible toys we have ever seen! Introducing the Super Soft Dong. This realistic toy is constructed of a special TPR that is so soft and so pliable that you can easily close your eyes and imagine it is the real thing! The most amazing quality of the Super Soft Dong is that even though it’s unbelievably soft and bendable, it still manages to hold its own as you insert it. The feel in unreal! Plus, there is a super strong suction cup at the base, allowing you to ride it hands free!

  • 7" in Length