Style Fetish Examination Chair

Style Fetish Examination Chair

Product Details

The new version of the Style Fetish Examination Chair has been completely redesigned, giving you a multifunctional piece of S&M furniture that is a work of art.

This piece can be used alone or as an extension of the Raptor 2.0 and Hellcat benches; by attaching it to the frame, your bench will be transformed into a full examination chair in no time at all. You can also expand it into a slave chair or treatment bed.

The back and seat can easily be inclined by snapping it automatically into the desired position, while the stirrups will keep the sub’s legs spread open.

As an added feature, the Examination Chair can be equipped with adjustable spreaders in order to bind the arms away from the body.

Some optional additions to consider:

Product Features

Included with this Examination Chair-
  • Examination module
  • Arm pad / wrist restraint
  • Stirrup attachment
  • Seat-to-Stand bundle