Slam Jam Balls by Sport Fucker (Small)

Slam Jam Balls by Sport Fucker (Small)

Product Details

Slam Jam thank you ma'am! 4 increasingly larger balls in a single molded silicone form means easy clean-up and endless hours of play. Suitable with all forms of lubricant.  When you're ready for more advanced play, check out the larger sized Slam Jam Balls.

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Product Features

Available in two colors-
  • Black
  • Metal

Product Dimensions

  • Ball 1 is ¾" diameter
  • Ball 2 is 1" diameter
  • Ball 3 is 1⅛" diameter
  • Ball 4 is 1¼" diameter
  • 10¼" insertable length

Care Instructions

  • Wash before and after each use
  • Store separately from other similar materials away from heat and sunlight
  • Pay dry with soft cotton towel and allow to air dry completely before storing