Silicone Series Ribbed Plug

Silicone Series Ribbed Plug

Product Details

This beautiful tapered anal sex toy is smooth, supple and made from beautifully soft medical-grade silicone. The bulb shaped plug inserts easily into your hole, with your sphincter gripping to the girth, and bringing the plug inside for the plugged 'full' feeling. The expanding and simplifying shape sits naturally in place.

As the plug simplifies, three gorgeous ribs sit on it's neck, at the entrance to your anus, waking up the sensitive nerve endings and delivering pleasure as you squeeze and release. The flared base gives extra sensations to your perineum and crack, also allowing the plug to 'rest' comfortably in the groove of your behind.

Product Dimensions

Size Ribs Length Tail Length Insertable Length Circumference at Widest Point
Small 0.4" or 1.01cm 7" or 17.7cm 3.2" or 8.1cm 5" or 12.7cm
Medium 0.5" or 1.2cm 7" or 17.7cm 4.1" or 10.4cm 5.8" or 14.7cm
Large 0.5" or 1.2cm 7" or 17.7cm 5" or 12.7cm 6.6" or 16.7cm