Silicone Series Anal Balls

Silicone Series Anal Balls

Product Details

Are you ready to push and pull on your internal pleasure points? Let us introduce you to the Silicone Series Anal Balls.

This string of beefy, weighted 4 anal balls comes on a luxuriously soft silicone string. A convenient ring is at the end of the balls to help you control them using your fingers and/or bondage equipment. These strings of beefy, weighted anal balls come on a luxuriously soft silicone string.

Product Dimensions

Size Width of balls Distance between balls Width of ring Full length
Small 40mm 80mm 20mm 405mm
Medium 50mm 100mm 20mm 465mm
Large 60mm 120mm 20mm 525mm

Ordering Instructions

    Select from:
  • Small: 40mm balls
  • Medium: 50mm balls
  • Large: 60mm balls

Care Instructions

  • Only use these anal balls with a WATER or HYBRID lubricant. A silicone lube could damage the balls material.