Rock Steady Sling Stand Kit 3.0 By Fort Troff

Rock Steady Sling Stand Kit 3.0 By Fort Troff

Product Details

This is the FT BASIC KIT with all the essentials to get fuckin’ in comfort. With the new Version 3.0, you get the Rock-Steady Stand, The new Ballistic Sling with a pillow, and re-engineered CLANK FREE Nylon Straps that adjust easier than ever.

These stands are called ROCK STEADY for a good reason…with an unbeatable “interlocking” frame design. We are STOKED because Version 3.0 is even tighter. Precision-made with a new process that means the pieces fit together perfectly….for an even more stable ride. Newly designed skid-free feet keep your stand locked…so you can DRILL.

Fort Troff upped the Sling game for 3.0…by adding a removable pillow to support your neck. Made of sturdy ballistic nylon, the sling is nearly indestructible. You can spot-clean with almost any household cleaner, or just remove the pillow and throw it in the washer. The pillow is attached with strong Velcro and can be removed prior to washing.

Version 3.0 still has the SILENT ride that we all now love. Adios to chain swingin' and clankin'! Now you can fuck without waking up grandma or the neighbor’s dog. With improved hardware…. the same QUICK LOCKS that you find on premium athletic suspension equipment. Adjust height UP or DOWN in SECONDS. We also beefed up the hardware that anchors the sling to the frame…no more chance of twisting during ROUGH sessions! And to top it off….we now give you thick n’ beefy PADDED stirrups that are pre-attached and adjust with ease.

Product Features

Stable ride. Neck Support. No Clank. Super KWIK height adjust. Padded Stirrups. Verison 3.0 delivers the fuckin’ best ride ever. Your complete satisfaction is our promise. We are THAT confident.

Made from sturdy 1.2mm thick steel, it is designed to hold up to 450 pounds (204kg). The Frame itself weighs 40 pounds (18kg) so it can travel as checked baggage on most airlines.

Product Dimensions

Get the BASIC KIT and you’ve got EVERYTHING you need to start your fuck marathon in 5 minutes. Save OVER $115 Bucks with the KIT, Here is what is included:

  • Rock Steady Stand 3.0
  • Ballistic Nylon Sling with Pillow
  • Industrial Nylon Straps with Stirrups
  • All necessary Clips
  • Height is 6.5 feet (1.9 meters) tall. Width is 48 inches (1.2 meters).
  • Length is 65 inches (1.6 meters).

Ordering Instructions

Sorry no free shipping on this item. You can choose Ship to me for $48.00 via UPS ground service.