Rear Zip Fetish Neon Spandex Leggings By Maskulo


Normally: $116.00

Rear Zip Fetish Neon Spandex Leggings By Maskulo

Product Details

If you find real pleasure when wearing tight clothes - you should definitely try Maskulo spandex leggings. They are made of tight spandex (also called lycra or elastane) and have a special codpiece / pouch made like a pocket to 'keep your belongings'.

Besides, these sexy meggings have special pads looking like made of leather that make your legs look stronger - they visually enlarge your muscles having foam-rubber inside.

Product Features

  • Zipped rear meggings
  • Detachable codpiece pouch on snaps
  • Stretchable black spandex
  • Neon spandex elements – glow in the UV
  • Reflective details
  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

Size & Fit

  • Small (30-32", 77-81 cm)
  • Medium (32-34", 82-86 cm)
  • Large (34-36", 87-91 cm)
  • XLarge (36-38", 92-96 cm)

Care Instructions

  • Caution! Usage of deodorants-antiperspirants can cause neon details to change their color.