Pure for Men

Pure for Men

Product Details

Why would I take Pure for Men?..........Do you want to sure you're clean down there when entered? If so, then you need to try this product!

We started to carry this product after a couple of boys on our staff told us how awesome these pills are. 120 count.

Product Instructions How to Use

How do I take Pure for Men?

Taken with water, the Chia, Flaxseed and Psyllium inside of each capsule swell to form a soft-but-solid mass. The expanded fiber begins to pass safely through your digestive tract, binding to food particles and any waste left along the way. The process is a lot like a soft sponge cleaning up behind your meals, providing an excellent medium to help maintain the flow of elimination and keep your runway “clear for takeoff”.

  • Take 2 to 3 capsules of Pure for Men, twice daily with lots water