Prince's Wand Formed


Normally: $60.00

Prince's Wand Formed

Product Details

It is specifically for men who have a Prince Albert piercing. The Prince wand has a small extender on the top which can be attached to any prince albert ring to secure the entire piece into place. If you are not pierced, then you might want to check out our other cock wands which have a glans ring to hold it into place.

Product Features

There are three different pieces to this penis plug. Firstly, the shaft itself, the Prince Albert Bar bell coming off on the side, and the removeable head on the top.

Product Instructions How to Use

As mentioned, this plug is a hollow piece - you remove the ball allowing fluids to pass through or you can keep the ball on to close it off. The Wand is made up of a stainless steel tube which is gently inserted into the urethra. This hollow tube is then held in place by a threaded stud, which passes through the Prince Albert piercing. The rounded head of the tube can then be removed, allowing the wearer to pass fluids.