PES Power Box

PES Power Box

Product Details

Optimally designed to enhance your body's natural erotic response, the P.E.S. Power Box delivers low frequency electrical stimulation to the nerve and muscle tissue of your genitals via any combination of our extensive line of single and double pole Electrodes. The stimulation delivered is not so much a shock as it is a tingle. Nothing like the traditional mechanical vibration most have experienced, the sensations this Power Box delivers through the Electrodes have the potential to take your sexual response to all new levels! When used with the right combination of Electrodes and settings, it may be possible to bring a man to hands-free orgasm, lengthen the actual orgasm.

Product Features

  • Intensity Control (Coarse & Fine Knobs)
  • Frequency Control (Frequency Knob & Fine Frequency Dial)
  • Pulse Control (Pulse Knob)
  • Two Power Interrupt Buttons
  • Two Non-Isolated Channels sharing a common ground allowing for easy set up of 2-, 3-, and 4-Electrode Configurations