PES Electro Flex Double Pole Butt Plug


Normally: $199.00

PES Electro Flex Double Pole Butt Plug

Product Details

The unique design utilizes an internal nonconductive memory bend wire that can be bent to any angle for more focused stimulation, or removed completely for free-floating functionality. The double pole butt plug has two separate electro pads encapsulated in one electrode. One pad runs the entire length of the butt plug, enabling contact with the sphincter muscle and the prostate gland, if desired. The second, smaller pad is positioned opposite the first, along the butt plug where it can stimulate the prostate gland. The positioning of this electrode determines the sensations delivered, and when utilizing the memory bend wire, it can aid in focused prostate stimulation or combined prostate and sphincter stimulation.

Size & Fit

  • 1-1/2 X 6.0