Pegger Rouser by SquarePeg Toys

Pegger Rouser by SquarePeg Toys

Product Details

Handy little toy for some focused hole play

Toys made just for stimulating the hole. Designed with a 5 point grip base to help you, or your playmate, keep a grip on things when they get wild. Narrow necks allow the hole to collapse back around the toy so it can be pulled and teased on both the in, and the out. Can be used as a plug too.

Product Features

  • Level: Beginner, Moderate, Advanced
  • Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze

Product Dimensions

  • Small: Plug Height 5" Max Circumference 5"
  • Medium: Plug Height 6 1/2" Max Circumference 8"
  • Large: Plug Height 9" Max Circumference 10 1/2"

Ordering Instructions

What size to get?

The Small Pegger Rouser is really tiny in relation to most of the line and were designed for those who might only take a penis or a finger or two on occasion, or are somewhat novice.

The Medium Pegger Rouser was made for those who go beyond casual play, and might take 4 fingers and dildos.

The Large Pegger Rouser is intended for serious anal players, like those who can take a regular or large sized fist.