Kevin by SquarePeg Toys

Kevin by SquarePeg Toys

Product Details

Depth, width and design all combine to make a perfect toy

The Kevin here was the original, while the Big and Little ones came soon afterwards.

Product Features

  • Specialties: Depth, Stretch
  • Level: Moderate, Advanced
  • Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze

Product Dimensions

Things to note on this one are the length, the insertable part of which is about 10 1/2 ¨C 11 inches depending on how far you press onto the base. Also, the circumference around the head is 8 1/2¡å to allow it into the second chamber if you are so inclined. Third, the balls measure 10 1/2¡å around, to give a really good stretch and work both the inner and outer rings at once. Curved for a more comfortable fit. Overall height 12".

  • Dimensions: Length 12"
  • Circumference 8-1/2"
  • Circumference 11"