Head by SquarePeg Toys

Head by SquarePeg Toys

Product Details

Super for hands-free penetrating action

Part of the same family as the original Tusk. Based on the same principles : firm solid base, angled shaft, oval cross-section for super hands-free play. Unlike its inspiration, Head provides a totally smooth shaft for uninhibited movement. The head has been accentuated to give the feeling of a big head popping in and out. Beware of the girth if you¡¯re not as experienced ¨C about half way down it begins to grow a bit. For a similar shape but in a smaller package see the Baby Head.

  • Specialties: Depth, Prostate
  • Level: Moderate
  • Available in: Firm Black
  • Dimensions: Length 9" Circ 6 1/2 C 10 1/2"