Happy Hour Butt Plug by SquarePeg Toys

Happy Hour Butt Plug by SquarePeg Toys

Product Details

Little Soldiers ready to give you at least an hour of fun

Designed in a pseudo-phallic shape for comfort, base is narrow to fit better between the cheeks for long term wear. The rectal lining is designed by nature to absorb so if you don¡¯t splurge on silicone for most toys, do so at least for your plugs.

  • Specialties: Depth, Prostate, Plug
  • Level: Beginner, Moderate, Advanced
  • Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze
  • Small: Length 7 1/2" Circumeference 5 Circumeference 8"
  • Medium: Length 8" Circumeference 6 Circumeference 9"
  • Large: Length 9" Circumeference 6 Circumeference 10"