Flex Capacitor Upgrade

Flex Capacitor Upgrade

Product Details

Radiating power all along its highly conductive silicone rubber surface, the Flex Capacitor is a dynamic, intense attachment that fits the Electro Wand Kit and the Deluxe Wand Kit (both sold separately). Its biggest bite is reserved for the gap between its prongs, where you can see, feel and share the spark!

Product Features

  • Made of highly conductive silicone rubber
  • Polished aluminum Neon Wand connector
  • Compatible with the Neon Wand. Although we have not tested this product with every other type of violet ray wand.
  • We believe the Electro Whip will be compatible with most if not all of them, providing they have the same electrode socket size.

Product Dimensions

  • Flex Capacitor Length: 6.5in/16.5cm
  • Prong Gap Width: .25in/.64cm