Fetish Spandex Shorts by Maskulo


Normally: $58.00

Fetish Spandex Shorts by Maskulo

Product Details

Maskulo Sexy Fetish Lycra Shorts with Codpiece! We use fabrics containing spandex (lycra, elastane) so that our clothes would stretch and be tight to show your muscles. You can combine our lycra fetish shorts with other Maskulo sexy stuff to get your masculinity exposed. Codpiece grabs special attention to a man's crotch and promises more. Maskulo fetish clothes with codpiece help you to expose what others may seem shy to.

Product Features

  • Sports and sexy style
  • Stretchable tight spandex (80% nylon, 20% spandex / lycra / elastane)
  • Fully removable codpiece (pouch)
  • Color: White + Black

Size & Fit

  • Small (30-32", 77-81 cm)
  • Medium (32-34", 82-86 cm)
  • Large (34-36", 87-91 cm)
  • XLarge (36-38", 92-96 cm)

Care Instructions

  • Hand Wash and flat dry