Fetish Pad

Fetish Pad

Product Details

The Fetish Pad is ideal for kinky sex and BDSM because the black product helps create the right mood and atmosphere. It offers ideal protection for furniture and vehicle interiors.

It saves on time spent cleaning up after a session, simply fold it up and throw it away. It’s light weight and portable, perfect for playing away and hotel rooms.

Product Features

FETISH PAD is a black underpad consisting of three integrated layers:

  • The bonded black top sheet provides exceptional strength but is soft against the skin.
  • The super absorbent fluffy inner layer quickly pulls and can lock away over a litre of liquid.
  • The black water-proof back sheet prevents liquid from passing through the underpad.

Size & Fit

  • One size 60x90 cm 80 g
  • Pack of 15 pads 25x13x20 cm 1.2 kg
  • Box of 6 packs 40x30x35 cm 7.9 kg

Product Instructions How to Use

For some years people have been using white disposable underpads for various reasons, but principally to protect beds from the consequences of incontinence and to protect furniture.

White underpads are becoming increasingly popular for sex, particularly messy sex involving large amount of liquid such as lube, melted wax or urine. They protect furniture and save on time and washing.