Empire Leather Harness

Empire Leather Harness

Product Details

Our Empire Harness took many hours of planning and design, and the result is clear in the look and feel.
Its contoured chest and shoulder piecesand added adjustments ensure a great fit throughout the chest, shoulders and arms. We are offering two versions of this harness: One with attached armbands, and the other without. Our personal favorite is with the armbands because of the masculine look and feel.

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Product Features

  • Super soft supple leather that is also lined on the inside.
  • All black hardware with Stainless steel snaps
  • Two styles to choose from with armbands or without armbands
  • Contoured fit with adjustability

Size & Fit

  • Small Chest 36-39” Armbands 13-15”
  • Medium Chest 40-43” Armbands 14-16”
  • Large Chest 44-47” Armbands 15-17”