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Product Details

Offering a softer and less-restrictive fit than our other cock rings, these conductive fabric bands treat you to intense electro-sex sensations without the firm grip. Made from elasticated fabric woven with electroconductive fibers, our uni-polar ElectraBands are the ideal choice for men wanting to enjoy hands-free orgasms with their electrostimulation unit. A slide adjuster makes it easy to find the perfect fit, adjusting up to 2.75 inches in diameter. ElectraBands will fit most men.

Wear the bands anywhere along your shaft, including around your cock and balls, and you’ll experience deep contractions and stimulating tingles that can be enough to bring you to orgasm without you needing to be touched. You can wear the bands during masturbation, foreplay, oral sex and sex to maximise the pleasure you feel. We recommend using ElectraBands with our electroconductive gel.

Product Features

  • Uni-polar for external stimulation – takes 1x 2mm pin connector. 2 ElectraBands are included in each pack.
  • You will need an ElectraStim stimulator to feel sensation.
  • Made from synthetic fibres with electro-conductive properties. Features plastic slide adjusters.

Product Dimensions

  • Expandable up to 2.75 inches (70mm) with additional stretch.