Electra Rubber Loops


Normally: $58.95

Electra Rubber Loops

Product Details

Our uni-polar ElectraLoops could not only help you enjoy lovemaking for longer, they could also give you hands-free orgasms! Wear our ElectraLoops around any part of your shaft to help enhance sexual sensation with estim sensations and maximise the intensity of your orgasms with the virility-boosting potential cock rings offer.

Wear a loop around your cock and balls and a second below your glans and you’ll experience powerful contractions and tingles throughout your length, complementing your strokes for better solo satisfaction.

ElectraLoops aren’t just for masturbation. You can wear them around your cock and balls or at the base of your shaft during foreplay, oral sex and sex to heighten sexual stimulation. Each cock ring is adjustable up to 2.75 inches in diameter, so you can try wearing them in a variety of ways to enhance your solo and shared pleasure. Use them alongside our electroconductive gel for the best experience.

Product Features

  • Uni-polar for external stimulation – takes 1x 2mm pin connector.
  • 2 ElectraLoops are included in each pack.
  • You will need to connect ElectraLoops to an ElectraStim stimulator to feel electrostimulation.
  • We recommend you also purchase the electro-conductive gel to ensure you can feel sensation clearly.
  • Made from skin-safe conductive rubber with plastic slide adjusters. Free from latex and pthalates.

Product Dimensions

  • Adjustable up to 2.75 inches (70mm) in diameter.