E-Stim Ball Press

E-Stim Ball Press

Product Details

The E-Stim Ball Press has the electrodes on the back plate and a clear front plate so you can watch the action. Insert the balls first, then the cock through the hole on the back plate, pull the cock only through the front plate, put on the adjustment knobs, and you're ready to go.

Product Features

  • The contact strips on the electrode plate are permanenty bonded to the backing
  • No wire leads to break off or connections to come loose
  • The power sockets are conveniently mounted in the bottom edge of the back plate
  • Can be used with any Erostek, Folsom box, Tens unit, or other e-stim box that has "Banana Plug" leads
  • Large rubberized knobs for easy adjustment
  • Dimensions: 5" x 7"

Size & Fit

  • Size A: 1-3/4" Hole in Back Plate, 1-1/2" Hole in Front Plate
  • Size B: 2" Hole in Back Plate, 1-3/4" Hole in Front Plate
  • Size C: 2-1/4" Hole in Back Plate, 1-3/4" Hole in Front Plate
  • Sizing suggestion: The back plate hole should be the same diameter or the next larger as you would wear in a metal cock ring