Double Fister by SquarePeg Toys

Double Fister by SquarePeg Toys

Product Details

Massive is the only way to imagine this toy….designed to approximate the feeling of a pair of medium hands. Not a life-cast, but rather sculpted to mimic the shape and proportions but without all the knuckles. For use when you don’t have the opportunity to get the real thing and might want to relive a past play session.

Good too for those who are really into a substantial stretch. Special design considerations include the asymmetrical indent at the wrists, small tip to help coax openings, and my trademark oval cross-section ’cause that’s how our holes are made. Be sure to note the long push required to get past the hands which makes you think its not ever going to go in!

Intense stretch for even the experienced players

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 13″
  • Circumference: 12 – 17″