Dino Strech by SquarePeg Toys

Dino Strech by SquarePeg Toys

Product Details

For almost 20 years, SquarePeg has remained a, if not the, leader in adult-male anal toys. We are proud to be able to sell them to you!

The Dino Strech by SquarePeg is not a beginner or intermediate toy by any means. It is an Innovative approach to stretch-play for the advanced player. We are loving the unique shape and sturdy base that the Dino toy offers.

Product Features

  • Made from Ultra-High-Grade Silicone
  • These toys hold their heat well, try heating them under warm water

    Product Dimensions

    • Height: 5 3/4" or 146mm
    • Circumference of first hump: 12 1/2" or 318mm
    • Circumference of largest insertable section: 17 1/2" or 445mm