Carpenter Harness 2.0

Carpenter Harness 2.0

Product Details

Check out the Carpenter Harness 2.0! This 665 original is an updated version to our regular Carpenter Harness. The 2.0 comes with two leather pouches to carry your phone, wallet, keys, condoms etc. These two pouches can be removed. Also, you can remove the bottom straps which connect to your pants. With this configuration, you will turn the 2.0 into a holster-like harness. Never sit on your phone again, or have your pockets bulge-out with your wallet or keys. With the functionality of this harness, coupled with all the compliments you’ll get wearing it, The Carpenter 2.0 is bound to become part of your everyday wardrobe. The Carpenter 2.0 comes in regular and long.