Bon4 Stainless Steel Hinged Chastity Cage

Bon4 Stainless Steel Hinged Chastity Cage

Product Details

For those who would like a real serious male chastity device we have designed the BON4M and the BON4Msmall.

A special design produced in rust free stainless steel which has been tested and is very secure. The polished stainless steel chastity cage comes in two different sizes each with 4 different sizes of stainless steel Hinged back-rings.

The BON4M is designed as a Medium/Large sized chastity device while the BON4small is more a Small/Medium sized chastity device.

Product Features

The Hinged Stainless Steel has back-rings 2 stainless Locking Pins 2 Steel Locking Pins 2 Brass quality padlocks 4 First grade silicone covers Manual 5 unique numbers laser-engraved on each Cage. These numbers are kept in our database and guarantee our customers an original BON4.

Product Dimensions

Size Overall Assembled Length Internal cage Length Cage Opening Diameter 4 Different sizes of stainless steel back rings
SM/MD 3.54" (90mm) 2.56" (65mm) 1.38" (35mm) 1.57" (40mm) 1.73" (44mm) 1.89" (48mm) 2.05" (52mm)
MD/LG 4.33" (110mm) 3.35" (85mm) 1.38" (35mm) 1.57" (40mm) 1.73" (44mm) 1.89" (48mm) 2.05" (52mm)
  • The approximate gap between the base ring and the cage is around 11mm.