Back Alley Harness

Back Alley Harness

Product Details

Here is another great design brought to you by 665 Leather. This Back Alley Harness has all the features to get you noticed. A simple and subtle form-fitting front accentuate the male chest without any straps underneath to lift up the chest causing an unflattering situation. The Back Alley Harness comes complete with a removable down strap and a metal cockring to anchor it all in place. Without any large hardware and its form-fitting design, the Back Alley Harness is the perfect piece to wear to work. Slip over an undershirt, then a dress shirt, and this piece is undetectable. Vary up how short you make your down strap to create a subtle to extreme bulge to be seen.

Of course this piece looks great with just a bare chest and a pair of blue jeans. Blacked out hardware, strong yet supple leather and the unique upper-chest design make the new Back Alley Harness a great contender against the traditional and already established harness designs we have created over the years