Ass Jacker Asslock

Ass Jacker Asslock

Product Details

The AssJacker Asslock is a great for fucking, jerking, walking around etc. When installed on your body, this toy will increase your bulge as it stimulates your prostrate. What is unique about this asslock is the nub which stimulates your prostrate on its exterior, in addition to the traditional prostrate stimulation created form the plug portion. As many guys already know, Topping while wearing an asslock feels amazing! The combination of prostrate stimulation and bulge grabbing, mixed with a tight hole gripping your Cock generates an intense, prolonged, mind-blowing orgasm.

Size & Fit

The Sono’s Line is made for real men who are looking for a snugger fit. All of the Sono’s products are made from 100% silicone and are engineered to realistic proportions to firmly grab your junk. The line is also popular with average to well-endowed men.

Product Dimensions

  • Butt plug length: 4.5" or 114mm
  • Ball opening: 1" or 26mm
  • Cock opening: .95" or 25mm